Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Hambledon Hill and Shillingstone Station

According to the weatherman this week will be wet, so as yesterday was nice we stepped out together for an evening walk with Wrecks along the old Somerset and Dorset (Slow and Dirty) line from near Hammoon to Shillingstone station. This first picture is of Hambledon Hill, an old Iron age settlement and hill fort, you can clearly see the ramparts in the lines on it. We needed a nice flat easy going walk as I have been on night shift for 2 nights so energy levels are a little low....so no climbing the hill fort for me!
This is Shillingstone station which is being restored at the moment and as you see they are laying a bit of track now. It is unusual because it has an ornate canopy which most country stations did not have. It is said this is because King Edward VII would alight here to visit friends at a nearby country house in Iwerne Minster.
The restoration is going well and they have just opened a tea room here at the weekends, D and I decided we must return to try it out sometime....usually these little places are better and have more homemade stuff than the bigger places.
As we returned to the car we could hear an owl hooting but didn't see it, it was in some woodland somewhere. only saw a couple out 'courting' , I don't think they wanted to see us though!!! and a couple of cyclists.


Cheryl said...

I love your little stories Goosey...they transport me to another part of the country.....the station will be beautiful when it is finished.....

happyone said...

I love the old train station. How nice it would be to stop in the tea shop.

Q said...

Dear Goosey,
I am so very pleased to have met you.
Looking forward to reading all of your posts and catching up.
Your countryside is charming.