Wednesday, 27 August 2008

If you click on this picture you will read the sad story of Gelert the faithful hound, make sure you have a tissue to hand! This is where the name of the village stems from, Beddgelert ( Gelerts grave)
Our first week was spent near Aberystwyth and this was the view from the cottage, this was the Vale of Rheidol railway which runs along the valley. Isn't this a nice pastoral the field in front of us was a very large Holstein bull, in the evenings you could hear him snorting! Needless to say we didn't cross his field, he was more settled and quiet when his "ladys", the milking herd were with him.
This is where we stopped to walk whilst driving across a very long single track road past Nant-Y-Moch reservoir. It was so remote and we didn't see another soul as we walked. the menfolk walked along the edge of the water to see some old disused mines but A and I took another path, I disgraced myself by treading on some soft ground up to my knee and losing my shoe....having to reach down to retrieve it! Up here there were Red Kites flying over and squealing as they went, Swallows skimming around to catch insects on the wing, a few Welsh Black cows and lots of sheep.
I had an arty moment when I saw the drops of rain on the sunroof, it sums up the weather of the holiday!


Lynmiranda said...

Hi Goosey,

I have just read the story of the dog, a very sad story, I had to run for the kitchen roll.

Greentwinsmummy said...

oh! thats so sad :o( I love the way folks have left coins as little charms & gifts tho x
The arty shot is lovely at the end Goosey! you are such a wonder with your camera