Sunday, 14 September 2008

Back to Arne

We went back for another walk around Arne Nature Reserve last evening and came across this fellow grazing a few feet away from us on the edge of Poole harbour. The deer are so used to people there that they just wander across the path in front of you! It's not too much of a challenge to see them. One field we past had over 100 of them grazing in it.
This is looking across the harbour and the Purbeck hills in the distance. Lots of wading birds about and loads of Little Egrets.
This is for you, Tattyanne! A little fairy had left them on my bike when I came away from work today......I wonder who that could be!!


Tricia said...

Wonderful place to visit - I really must get back there one day!

Love the view to the Purbeck Hills Goosey - nice one :)

Teresa said...

Love your pictures. Not sure I will ever make it to England but your pictures sure make me want to come. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment!