Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Hambledon Hill...this was supposed to be a flat walk!

These pictures were taken on Sunday. I had done an early shift at work and so when I got home we decided to chill out and see the countryside. Mr G asked where I would like to go....a flat gentle walk, I said. So how did I get talked into climbing up Hambledon Hill then! As you can see it was a bit hazy but still you could see for miles.
These guys came as close as they dared when we stretched out on the hillside to do a bit of cloud gazing.
These trees just caught my attention on the way back down, the light so pretty coming through the canopy. We didn't get right on the hill as there was a large herd of cattle, with horns on ( and a bull ) that we thought we had to go through and they looked a bit scarey. However when we got back to the car and looked at the OS map we realised that the path did not go through that field anyway...yes, I know, we left the map in the car, silly mistake.


Jean said...

Better safe than sorry, cows can be quite aggressive. It looked like a lovely walk. I love that fact that everything looked so green.

Joe said...

Hi Goosey,

I really love your photos. This blog is one of the best I have seen! I have added your link to my blog- please mention if you don't want this. I like your style of writing too.

I have had a similar experience to you with the hill on holiday. Looks like there are some nice views on that hill though.

Thanks, Joe

Teresa said...

Your pictures are just amazing - thank you for sharing!

Border Reiver said...

Not the flattest of areas Hambleton Hill Goosey !!!