Thursday, 11 September 2008

Home made and recycled

I have been trying to be more frugal lately and so was really pleased to find these curtains in a charity shop at £2, they had been drawn on by a child by the looks of it but I had a feeling I could get it out, which I did. I rehemmed them and here they are! They are Laura Ashley fabric (I think) and the fabric feels new.
These I made from sheets, white and green which match our room now I have redecorated. It looks darker than it is...I should have used a flash.
This is made from odds of fabric and I really like it but don't want to get it dirty so I may never use it!
And the other side...
This is what I bought in Hanson's last week, lovely fabric, to make my neighbour who makes wedding cakes, an apron for Christmas...yes, sorry I said the word but it's still 3 months or more away, I just need time to get organised and make things.
I have made an effort lately to do my housework in the mornings then use the afternoon to be creative and make things for the house or as gifts for people, cards, painting ,etc... Obviously it only works on non working days! Today is a work day!


MrsL said...

Love that teacosy! Might have to snaffle the idea.........
I usually do the work in the morning too, and leave the afternoon for other things; today I needed to get my thing done for WI, so I'm trying to raise some emnthusiasm for cleaning the kitchen now:)
Nice curtains, they look really good.

Leanne said...

Goosey, your tea cosy is gorgeous! well done! I can undersdtand not wanting to use it too! Hansons is such a baaaad shop, its impossible to go in and come out with just one thing,you can lose yourself for hours looking at all that fabric, cant you? :-)

Leanne x

funkymonkey said...

Another fan of the teacosy here - perhaps you ought to go into business making them. I'm another one that tries to work in the morning and save afternoons for doing something 'nice' but it's just not working at the moment. Never mind I'll just have to be more organised!

Jennie said...

Super tea-cosy, and two pairs of new curtains for next to nowt! I love the Hansons material too - that is SUCH a tempting shop.