Friday, 26 September 2008

Morning light at Baiter

I know I have said this before but after a night shift there is nothing better to wake you up and put the night behind you than wandering along the shore of Poole Harbour. This was the sun coming up this morning at about 8.15. There is a nip in the air now, really autumnal but nice.
It's definitely spider season now and thankfully I was on duty last night with a nurse who isn't afraid of spiders! She removed two for me...she just picked them up and put them out of the window. One was HUGE, so big that I couldn't bring myself to walk past it in the corridor and waited in a side room until she had dealt with it! Sorry, I'm a wimp about spiders!

This Egret was walking in the shallows looking for breakfast. I stood and watched him and he came very close and walked right past me. A friend at work who cycles along Holes Bay to get to work, saw a Kingfisher on a rock last week and stopped to watch it....that's salt water there which is not quite so common to see them. She said it was a really good view. The Egret wandered along then took off showing his amazing orange feet, they just look like he's stood in a pot of paint.....which is what Wrecks the dog did once when I was painting the hall and spread it all round the house, but thats another story which I prefer to forget! Suffice to say he's lucky he didn't get sent back to the dogs home!!!! Maybe that's why we changed the spelling of his name from Rex to Wrecks!
The land behind the Egret is Brownsea Island, where Autumn Watch is coming from soon.

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happyone said...

Early morning walks are a great way to start the day too. :-)
Beautiful pictures!!!