Tuesday, 9 September 2008


This is a beautiful little place called Rodden which is near Frome. Whilst researching our family tree we came across this lovely place. It appears that there is no village any more and just the church and a farm remain. When you come to see the Church you drive through a farm yard and you think you must have gone to the wrong place but just beyond is this pretty little church where we did indeed find some graves of my husbands family.
As you look out from the church you look across fields, and just a distant house can be seen. The Rodden brook meanders along in front and it is all very peaceful. I think it has not always been so, in past census it shows that there were mills and textiles made in the area. I imagine that there was alot of comings and goings at one time.
I'm glad to have chanced upon this place and now wonder how many other gems are around that we pass by in our cars and never know about.
If you get the chance to visit this bit of hidden England , do take it, there are alot of footpaths around to enjoy.
Another hidden place we have found is The Borough, Holwell near Sherborne again whilst tracing old family roots.
For obvious reasons to anyone who lives in the UK I have resorted to old stuff today...the weather being so rubbish!

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Von said...

Have you visited Stanton Drew? Similar idea, the church once being part of the Manor.The village is intact and I'd love to have a report on the inside of 'The Druids' Arms'! It's the village of my ancestors, I was a Coates.