Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Not what I thought!!!!!

This is the newly painted kitchen cupboards, I had got to hate the old pine which had gone the nasty orange colour as in the second picture. I have since painted the cupboards below but left the wood at the top and bottom of the cupboards.
It has given the kitchen a real lift for only a few pounds and a couple of days hard graft! Now it just needs a good clean up, and new cooker, new floor.........

I went into Poole today to do a bit of shopping (much beloveds birthday this Saturday!) and came across a HUGE crowd in the center. I thought...."it must be Bill Oddie and Kate Humble", as they are doing Autumnwatch from Brownsea Island in the harbour for two weeks. I tried to see over the heads of people but being a tad vertically challenged couldn't see anything! Eventually I got near the front and this is what I saw...Peppa Pig!!! I didn't know who they are but a kind child told me! The children in the town were near hysterical with excitement at seeing these guys!

This is who I had hoped to see! I really enjoyed the first Autumnwatch last night and will record them as I am on nights for the next two nights.

Monday, 27 October 2008

East Anglia again

These are the very impressive gates to HM the Queen's home in Sandringham, the gates are quite beautiful. She didn't invite us in for tea so this is as much as we saw, however if you cross her palm with silver you can go and look around the house when she is not in residence.
Alot of the churches in Norfolk have round towers and are very attractive, this is the church at Little Snoring.

Since we had scaled the dizzy heights of a wind turbine, this windmill on the broads seemed a doddle but it had near vertical ladder type steps which were OK going up, but you had to come down backwards! Although the Broads were quite pretty we were not as thrilled as we had expected to be. It seemed very much a boating playground and the charm was lost for us. Maybe we didn't visit the right bits although we went to several different places during the day.

This boat seems quite traditional around the Broads and the shape of the sail is lovely.
I'm painting the kitchen cuboard doors at the moment so half an hour on the PC and it should be touch dry. I got up early to do it, it's 08.30 and I've walked the dog and got the primer and undercoat on already!

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

The Chickens are Organised!

I saw this sign in a shop and tried to buy one to give to my colleagues at work as I thought it quite apt. Unfortunately he had run out so I just took this instead! I think we as staff need these pills, not the patients!
When I first saw this bike I thought it had been dumped in this hedge but on closer inspection it was meant to be there and the basket on the back had obviously had flowers in it until recently. The boots are carefully placed and it was advertising a little collectables and vintage shop.
This letter made me laugh, I'm sorry I have made so much mess of deleting the private bits but thought I should share it. Doesn't it remind you of Chicken Run!
It was in the village magazine in one of the cottages we stayed in, amazing that folk get so worked up over some chicken escapees!.......Still that chicken we had for lunch was tasty!...Only joking!
While we were away we managed to sadly hit two Pheasants as we drove around, they are a bit Kama Kazi in Norfolk and Suffolk and we had no way of avoiding it and on the last day my husband dropped a teapot in the RSPB tearoom....so our tally was two Pheasants and a teapot!

Sunday, 19 October 2008

Enthusiasts! Birds, Ships and Trains

As we pulled up in the car park at Titchwell RSPB reserve in Norfolk we realised that we were not "in uniform". All the birders were dressed in green or the odd rebel in dark blue. It was obvious my pink would not do ( I know, I would hardly be inconspicuous in it!) so after a scrabble round the boot I found something more in keeping. After a poke around the visitor center and getting caught by a man trying to sell us some new binoculars ( he'd obviously spotted our ancient bins ) we struck out into the reserve. It's a fabulous place and there is so much to see, but we felt rather dim as our knowledge is well below most of the people there looking at the birds.
When we reached the third hide a nice couple passed us and said that lots of people were in the hide getting very excited about some bird...but they didn't know what it was!...They made us feel better! We went and had a look and saw 3 Avocets in front of the hide.
I have a confession to make here.....I shamefully sat myself next to a man who was an expert birder ( I know this because he was dripping with binoculars, telescope,a hat and he didn't need an ID book to identify birds )and he was trying to tell his wife what birds she could see....and I eavesdropped! As a result I saw Black tailed Godwits, Shelduck, Wigeon, Pintail, Snipe and a Ruff, well, I couldn't actually locate the Ruff so that doesn't count! My husband was busy trying to disown me and was looking out of the hide like he knew what he was looking at...he didn't...when I asked him what he could see he said..a duck!
Another day we stopped off at Felixstowe and watched the ships going past for a few moments, huge ships full of containers. you could watch them being guided in by the tug boats and it passed a pleasant few minutes while we had something to eat.
Munching happily we were approached by a man who was a 'ship spotter' I guess, who proceeded to tell us all the details about the ships until I felt I may lose the will to live! He only stopped when three tugboats went to the mouth of the estuary which apparently means a big ship is on its way, he then shot off in the direction of the said ship! These guys also have a uniform....jeans, anorak, a beard, binoculars and a notebook and a flask of tea ( or something )....most are biggish guys ( not all though) and sit in their cars facing the water to watch.
And finally the Gricer or Train spotter who also wear a uniform and smell faintly of engine oil and steam. My husband likes to see an old steam train but wouldn't class himself as a gricer as he doesn't collect numbers or chase around all over the place to see one. However I have occasionally found myself waiting for hours for a glimpse of a train on the main line which shoots past in a matter of seconds!
Well there is nothing wrong with any of these pursuits but I just found it interesting to see how each group adopts a sort of unwritten dress code. I suppose I would be a birder, but not very seriously and definitely no twitching involved!

Thursday, 16 October 2008

Norfolk and Suffolk

Mr G and I have just spent a lovely week in East Anglia, the first three days were in a little self catering cottage in the delightfully named village of Great Snoring! Feeling the need for a chilled out break we thought we would go somewhere we had never been before and explore a bit...and it's not too hilly either! We stopped off at Waitrose for a few supplies in Swaffham and noticed the wind turbine next to it had an observation area at the top. On further investigation we found you could climb up there for a fiver..............
So 300+ steps later and we were at the top looking at the wonderful view across Norfolk! The spiral stairs get narrower as you go up and it's quite claustrophobic as you near the top. Weirdly it was worse going down and made you feel quite dizzy, the whole thing moves and sways in the wind too! So far, so good for a flat walking holiday!
The sunset at Blakeney was lovely, the North coast of Norfolk is such a treat and birds to knock your socks off. We watched a Barn Owl hunting for about half an hour in the field we were in and around us at dusk.
The moon reflected in the water was just a perfect view as we returned back to the cottage. While we were in North Norfolk we also saw Avocets, Spotted Redshank and Snipe as well as a host of other goodies ( No, not the Bill Oddie Goodie!)

Friday, 3 October 2008

Who am I? and Corfe Castle

This little chap was on my bag, I don't know who or what he is, but put him in a sheltered spot outside. Hope he makes it.
Last weekend again, a cup of tea in the National Trust tearoom and Mr Goose had a cream tea..not my favourite so I stuck to a piece of wonderful home baked cake and what a view for a tearoom. Having consumed the calories we decided we should at least show willing and walk up to the castle ( and being fully paid up members of the National trust this year feel we have to go everywhere to make sure we get our moneys worth!)
The view from the top is over the village of Corfe Castle and the Purbeck hills beyond. There seems to be a marketing thing going on with the Enid Blyton connection...all the shops have something about it and are selling 'Ginger pop' and other Enid Blyton memorabilia. The castle is said to be Kirren castle in her books, and we all read them when we were children...didn't we? If you look between the church and the castle you will see people sitting in the tearoom garden where we were a few minutes previously. If you are in Corfe try this tearoom, it's great ...and No, I don't have a share in it or know the people who run it! Wish I did!
From the other side of the castle we watched the steam train going from Norden to Corfe Castle, then onto Swanage. In the distance are the towns of Poole and Bournemouth but maybe too hazy to see in this photo. Plenty of 'Gricers' taking photo's of the train too.