Wednesday, 22 October 2008

The Chickens are Organised!

I saw this sign in a shop and tried to buy one to give to my colleagues at work as I thought it quite apt. Unfortunately he had run out so I just took this instead! I think we as staff need these pills, not the patients!
When I first saw this bike I thought it had been dumped in this hedge but on closer inspection it was meant to be there and the basket on the back had obviously had flowers in it until recently. The boots are carefully placed and it was advertising a little collectables and vintage shop.
This letter made me laugh, I'm sorry I have made so much mess of deleting the private bits but thought I should share it. Doesn't it remind you of Chicken Run!
It was in the village magazine in one of the cottages we stayed in, amazing that folk get so worked up over some chicken escapees!.......Still that chicken we had for lunch was tasty!...Only joking!
While we were away we managed to sadly hit two Pheasants as we drove around, they are a bit Kama Kazi in Norfolk and Suffolk and we had no way of avoiding it and on the last day my husband dropped a teapot in the RSPB our tally was two Pheasants and a teapot!

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happyone said...

If only all of lifes problems were that simple! :-)