Monday, 27 October 2008

East Anglia again

These are the very impressive gates to HM the Queen's home in Sandringham, the gates are quite beautiful. She didn't invite us in for tea so this is as much as we saw, however if you cross her palm with silver you can go and look around the house when she is not in residence.
Alot of the churches in Norfolk have round towers and are very attractive, this is the church at Little Snoring.

Since we had scaled the dizzy heights of a wind turbine, this windmill on the broads seemed a doddle but it had near vertical ladder type steps which were OK going up, but you had to come down backwards! Although the Broads were quite pretty we were not as thrilled as we had expected to be. It seemed very much a boating playground and the charm was lost for us. Maybe we didn't visit the right bits although we went to several different places during the day.

This boat seems quite traditional around the Broads and the shape of the sail is lovely.
I'm painting the kitchen cuboard doors at the moment so half an hour on the PC and it should be touch dry. I got up early to do it, it's 08.30 and I've walked the dog and got the primer and undercoat on already!


MrsL said...

Lovely photos as usual, thanks! I love the boat one.
I have the same photo of the Sandringham gates, except our little A35 is parked in front of them LOL - she didn't invite me in for tea either, her loss :)

Jean said...

I always feel like I'm on holiday when I visit your blog. I have never been to the UK, but your intimate photos allow your readers to feel that they have.

Cheryl said...

Love the sailing boat......always look so serene........well done with the painting, early starts are always a good idea......

happyone said...

Those gates are impressive! Too bad you didn't get invited for tea! :-) Maybe next time.