Sunday, 30 November 2008

A chilly day in Devon

We drove down to Exeter and met our son who is doing his Royal Marine Commando training, at the station. It was so good to see him and we whisked him off for lunch in a nice old pub down near Dawlish. In the top picture he was trying to help his sister warm up as her teeth were chattering with cold as we walked along by the River Ex as it goes into the sea.
It was just getting a little dark when I took these photos but very pretty, we walked along for a little while until we were so cold we retreated back to the car again! On the way down to Devon we drove through a snowstorm up across Askerswell which is very high, it didn't settle though.

The cottages are so pretty in Devon with their pastel colours, but they look their best on a warm sunny summer day!
It was so good to see him again as we had thought we wouldn't see him before Christmas. I feel so much better now I know that he is coping well with the tough training both physically and mentally.....although hearing some of the stories about the training makes your hair curl and wonder why anyone wants to do it but I do understand it's all about discipline and teamwork.
On the bird front I didn't really see much, a buzzard over Askerswell but nothing of note.

Friday, 28 November 2008

Christmas Cards

This is the 2008 offering from the Goosey household this Christmas. I've been fiddling around and finally came up with this. It's a bit naive but that's OK.
These are some of the handmade creations we received last Christmas, I never throw them away because people have spent time making them so they deserve to be kept. Handmade cards have pride of place on the mantleshelf and now people know that, we get more handmade cards! One wasn't on the mantleshelf last Christmas and its maker looked a bit sad so I had to make space! The lace lady is made by my Mother who is a very good lacemaker, a hobby she has taken up in later life. The red star is our offering last year to send to other people.
As the boys are now away from home my daughter and I feel we have a chance to decorate the house for the festive season as we want it....and by the time they come home it will all be done! We are going for a Scandinavian look, lots of white and a bit of red, we are even making white paper chains and decorations out of doilies. The boys tend to go for colour with no thought to it at all! It has been traditional for 'Action man' to climb up the Christmas tree towards the fairy and I think that may continue!
I think I shall trawl the blogs to get inspiration about the red and white decorating..............

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Losing the Plot!!!

Well here is proof that I'm losing the plot, I've started to knit dish cloths! It must be this empty nest thing I think....I am not a knitter but had an overwhelming desire to knit something the other day. I knew if I started something big like a jumper or something I wouldn't finish it, it would become a UFO in the cupboard, so the smallest thing I could think of was a dish cloth. Now I have nothing against anyone who wants to make everything and knit dish cloths till they look like them....but it's not really me.
Roll on when the boys get back and I'll spend all day washing smelly socks instead!...on the other hand dish cloths look quite attractive.....

Saturday, 22 November 2008

Old bookshops

What is it about old bookshops that just make you want to go in and have a browse? Today my daughter and I went to Swanage to have a poke around the shops and I found these two books in a lovely old shop. The book by Ralph Wightman I got because he comes from Piddletrenthide and writes about his childhood there and my husbands family are from the village and I wondered if he may mention any of them in his early days chapter. It'll be a good read whatever. The second book is inspired by Border Reivers blogspot on 14th September this year when he says he was reading a book about birds which had alot of the old names for birds in it. I had forgotton all about it until I came across this little book today from 1936 and in the index were all these wonderful names. You should be able to see them better if you click on the pictures.
I remember my Grandmother using the old names such as Titmouse and Yaffle instead of Tits and Woodpeckers.

Do go across to Borders blog and look at the lovely names he has listed, it's probably clearer than clicking on my photos.

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Early one morning just as the sun was rising....

As I looked out of the window at 5am this morning whilst on night shift the sky was grey and looked heavy with rain, but by 8am when I had finished my shift the sky had cleared to lovely blue. So on my way home I stopped off here to see the view, and it was worth it. These are taken on my phone so the quality isn't quite as good. The first picture is looking across from Poole to Sandbanks where all the posh lot live, footballers and their WAGS live there. I would much rather see Sandbanks from here than drive over there, I find it a place of prison-like houses all with their big locked gates and intercoms and cameras...if I had all that money I would spend it on a place in the country where I could be free and not in a self made jail.
The sun was beautiful shimmering across the water and although it was chilly it was nice to see the day in here.

The autumn colours have been wonderful and I took this as Wrecks and I were having a walk the other night. It's real leaf-kicking weather.
When I got up after sleeping today I disturbed a sparrowhawk on our patio which is right outside the lounge doors, he had obviously been feeding at our bird table too by the feathers that were scattered over the patio.

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Empty Nest

No, not about birds...unless I can be classed as an old bird! No comment!
Two of my sons have now left home, one went off to Uni over two years ago to do a degree in Motor Sport Engineering......move over Ferrari!
The other one left yesterday to follow a military career in one of the most difficult groups to get into, their motto is 99.9% need not apply and they wear a green beret if they survive 32 weeks training. He is only 16 and waving him off at the station was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do, made all the more poignant by all the coverage this weekend and today for the Armistice 90 years ago, never has two minutes silence seemed so long.
Anyway, life goes on and as I looked out of the window after the two minutes silence this morning I saw a little sparrow on the bird table and it seemed so ordinary and so everyday and yet so beautiful in the sunshine and somehow it cheered me that life goes on however hard it is to let your young ones out into the world. I have a strong faith and I know that God loves him more than even I do so he will be cared for whatever the future holds.
I still have a daughter at home, she is 23 and although she lives here it's like she doesn't because she is a young woman about town and quite rightly living her own life!
Roll on Christmas when they will all be home, no Christmas present will be as good as a houseful again...noise, dirty washing, electric guitars, empty food cupboards and unlimited odd socks!
I have heard people talk about "empty nest syndrome" and rather poo pooed it thinking I would never feel like that....and I do!

Friday, 7 November 2008

Wrecks faces his fears!

Bonfire night is not Wreck's favourite time of year and reduces him to a quivering heap so this is as close as he got to fireworks!
So we went to a friends house leaving Wrecks at home with our daughter to protect him.

We all took some fireworks along and food and it made a great evening, the weather was kind to us and the company good. Their house is high up so you had a great view of everyone elses fireworks too.

The bonfire as always was the best bit, melting marshmallows in the flames and the youngsters enjoying a good evening, it's nice to have an evening where all ages are together from tots to teenagers to grandparents, ....I am none of these!!

Saturday, 1 November 2008

Birthday treat....nine mile walk!!

Today is my better half's birthday, I meant this to be the last photo but it all came out backwards...never mind. Thanks to Jane Ashers lovely book about cakes this is the creation this year!
I asked him how he would like to spend his birthday and he suggested driving up to Bradford on Avon, parking the car there and walking into Bath following the towpath along the Kennet and Avon canal, it's about 9 miles, and then getting the train back to Bradford on Avon. So....thats what we did, despite the temperatures only reaching 4 today and heavy rain in the offing!

This very ornate bridge is in Bath and apparently the locals in this very select area did not take kindly to a working canal in their locality and so demanded that the bridges be beautiful, in the early 1800's.

We followed this boat for about 4 miles, sometimes we were behind it and sometimes we overtook it. As we passed the house boats the smell of their woodburner stoves was wonderful and the decoration of their homes just amazing. Saw a few birds flitting about, a Kingfisher, Long tailed tits, Goldfinches, a kestrel and lots of Rooks. We stopped for lunch at the George at Bathampton, really nice food there and full so obviously a very popular watering hole.
When we got home the children had made a cream tea and had lit the log burner so it was so cosy and welcoming, having driven home through heavy rain.
I have to confess I am a bit stiff legged this evening and I'm on an early shift tomorrow morning so I need to put the feet up for a while and relax.