Sunday, 30 November 2008

A chilly day in Devon

We drove down to Exeter and met our son who is doing his Royal Marine Commando training, at the station. It was so good to see him and we whisked him off for lunch in a nice old pub down near Dawlish. In the top picture he was trying to help his sister warm up as her teeth were chattering with cold as we walked along by the River Ex as it goes into the sea.
It was just getting a little dark when I took these photos but very pretty, we walked along for a little while until we were so cold we retreated back to the car again! On the way down to Devon we drove through a snowstorm up across Askerswell which is very high, it didn't settle though.

The cottages are so pretty in Devon with their pastel colours, but they look their best on a warm sunny summer day!
It was so good to see him again as we had thought we wouldn't see him before Christmas. I feel so much better now I know that he is coping well with the tough training both physically and mentally.....although hearing some of the stories about the training makes your hair curl and wonder why anyone wants to do it but I do understand it's all about discipline and teamwork.
On the bird front I didn't really see much, a buzzard over Askerswell but nothing of note.


Jean said...

That was such a sweet picture, a brothe tucking a sister into her coat. Very touching.

funkymonkey said...

Great photos. The cottages look sweet even on a dull day.

happyone said...

The cottages look so nice with their pastel colors. You'll have to take another picture on a sunny day. :-)

notesfromthefrugaltrenches said...

This is my neck of the woods, I often drive by that training school! I hope your son is enjoying his time there!