Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Early one morning just as the sun was rising....

As I looked out of the window at 5am this morning whilst on night shift the sky was grey and looked heavy with rain, but by 8am when I had finished my shift the sky had cleared to lovely blue. So on my way home I stopped off here to see the view, and it was worth it. These are taken on my phone so the quality isn't quite as good. The first picture is looking across from Poole to Sandbanks where all the posh lot live, footballers and their WAGS live there. I would much rather see Sandbanks from here than drive over there, I find it a place of prison-like houses all with their big locked gates and intercoms and cameras...if I had all that money I would spend it on a place in the country where I could be free and not in a self made jail.
The sun was beautiful shimmering across the water and although it was chilly it was nice to see the day in here.

The autumn colours have been wonderful and I took this as Wrecks and I were having a walk the other night. It's real leaf-kicking weather.
When I got up after sleeping today I disturbed a sparrowhawk on our patio which is right outside the lounge doors, he had obviously been feeding at our bird table too by the feathers that were scattered over the patio.


happyone said...

Oh I just love those path pictures - always makes me want to go for a walk.
The sunset is beautiful. How fortunate we are to live in such a beautiful world!!
Enjoy your day.

Border Reiver said...

Nothing better than being up early before the rest of the world Snowgoosey

stitching under oaks said...

I love the picture of the lane and the trees with the yellow leaves. Our leaves have all fallen here. Just bare branches and grey skies!