Saturday, 22 November 2008

Old bookshops

What is it about old bookshops that just make you want to go in and have a browse? Today my daughter and I went to Swanage to have a poke around the shops and I found these two books in a lovely old shop. The book by Ralph Wightman I got because he comes from Piddletrenthide and writes about his childhood there and my husbands family are from the village and I wondered if he may mention any of them in his early days chapter. It'll be a good read whatever. The second book is inspired by Border Reivers blogspot on 14th September this year when he says he was reading a book about birds which had alot of the old names for birds in it. I had forgotton all about it until I came across this little book today from 1936 and in the index were all these wonderful names. You should be able to see them better if you click on the pictures.
I remember my Grandmother using the old names such as Titmouse and Yaffle instead of Tits and Woodpeckers.

Do go across to Borders blog and look at the lovely names he has listed, it's probably clearer than clicking on my photos.


Jane said...

What lovely books to find. I love the old names of the birds... wished we still used them! I managed to find a book of a woman who owned a cottage in our village of Corfe Mullen. It was only a little book, but was all about her life in the village (coming as she did from "outside" and moving here on her own in the 60's) doing her cottage up, squirrels in the attic, badgers in the shed and lots of birds, cat and squirrel stories. A beautiful little book ... trouble is I can't remember it's name. I will try to look it up! Jane

Jane said...

My Wildlife Neighbours by Joan Swinson - well worth reading if you find it! Jane

Greentwinsmummy said...

ahhh old bookshops...the only nicer than new book shops!
Your bible quotation is my favourite one,one day lol! I want to embroider it & have it hung up in the kitchen so I can see it everyday
GTM x x x xx

happyone said...

Oh I know what you mean. I love old book shops!! Great finds for you!

Goosey said...

Jane...I have read that book, its good. I work with a nurse whose husband used to live in one of those cottages as a child so I passed it on to him. I heard they sat up all night reading it! My collegue has now moved out of Corfe Mullen to the country and loving it.
GTM...Do that text for yourself, I embroidered the Fruits of the Spirit and made it into a key rack and it inspires me every time I get the keys.
Happyone...Hello again, so you are a bookworm too!

Tricia said...

Oooh - book shops - Old or new I could spend hours just browing.

Tanglepicker - what a great and appropriate name for a.... Turnstone!

Teresa said...

I so enjoy looking through old books too, something I think I inherited from my mother. I was able to read the bird names just fine off your pictures and got a kick out of some of them. Thanks for sharing!

Border Reiver said...

Thanks for the plug Snowgoosey!! Old books are fab as are old bookshops. There's one in Sturminster Newton, it's a shambles but worth rummaging about in. I have that Ralph Weightman book already, I'm a sucker for anything old and from Dorset.. but I didn't know your man was one of the Piddlefolk.

I fell in love with Piddletrenthide in 1984. I was at a loose end and as all 20 year old lads do, got in the car and drove around the UK for a month, visiting family, friends and staying in B&B's. Somehow I ended in at the Hazelmere (or is it Hazelwood) Farm B&B, on the main road, and although planned only a night, stayed 3 or 4 as I loved the place. As for the Brace of Pheasants at Plush, I'll say no more.

Bovey Belle said...

I love the country names of birds and flowers too, and I certainly can't resist bookshops - particularly 2nd hand ones - as the books in my house testify!

Jane - I used to have that book and only recently passed it on - I know exactly where in Corfe Mullen (old village) it was she lived too, as we used to live at Lytchett Matravers and drove past the path to it on our way to Wimborne.

Border Reiver - the food at the Brace of Pheasants was wonderful - probably still is. I lived in Piddletrenthide for a year or 18 months back in the early 80s. Good walking country.

Eileen said...

What a lucky find - I love books -old or new. Saw a great bird today that made me forget how gray and gloomy the day was -like finding a great book -amazing how we can lose ourselves doing things we enjoy...Eileen