Friday, 7 November 2008

Wrecks faces his fears!

Bonfire night is not Wreck's favourite time of year and reduces him to a quivering heap so this is as close as he got to fireworks!
So we went to a friends house leaving Wrecks at home with our daughter to protect him.

We all took some fireworks along and food and it made a great evening, the weather was kind to us and the company good. Their house is high up so you had a great view of everyone elses fireworks too.

The bonfire as always was the best bit, melting marshmallows in the flames and the youngsters enjoying a good evening, it's nice to have an evening where all ages are together from tots to teenagers to grandparents, ....I am none of these!!


happyone said...

ah, poor Wrecks!

What was the reason for the bonfires and fireworks? Some holiday?

Tattyanne said...

Yet! Goosey Thank your lucky stars you're not a grandparent yet! Or maybe... its not such a bad thing really being a grandparent. TC Tattyanne X

Goosey said...

Hi Happyone...Every November 5th is Guy Fawkes night, he tried to blow up the Houses of Parliment in 1606 with explosives but was caught and was hanged, drawn and quartered for his plan.Not very nice but we remember it every Nov 5th with bonfires and fireworks...a good time for clearing the autumn rubbish away too!
Hi Tattyanne...One day maybe, but my lot are too busy having fun to settle down ! I look forward to it though.