Wednesday, 3 December 2008

The Advent fairy and the Tidy fairy

I made these years ago and to be honest if I made them now they would be very different but they have become part of Christmas and any suggestion I make to change them is met with a solid wall of protest. Even though they are all really too old for this they still want them and two of the youngsters won't get the goodies until they are home they weekend before Christmas.
This is my daughters and is the first one I made, about 23 years ago, it did have little metal rings onto which we hung ribbons and as you took them off every day the christmas story unfolded. As you may see they left rust marks on it so I removed them.

This is a real hotch potch, it started off as a wall hanging and sort of evolved into this! This is the one I would most like to change.
Still, the advent fairy still flies every night even though two of the recepients are not does the tidy fairy, who for many years has left a tiny sweet on the pillow of a tidy room!


Border Reiver said...

Which is exactly what Christmas is all about, bringing out much loved "treasures" no matter how used, old or battered. It's the memories which they convey which matter.

We have some very fragile Victorian glass beads, 2 strings about 10 feetlong which were given to my parents by an elderly relative in the 1960's, I always think how many years have they given pleasure. As for the fairy, it's ancient and my father always brishes it hair to give it a "punk" hairstyle. Tradition is everything

Jean said...

What precious memories you have created for your family. Sometimes things are just best left alone, even if our tastes have changed or we have become more adept at our crafts.

Greentwinsmummy said...

Goosey I have goose bumps! reading that :) they are all beautiful & I am determined to make one each for the smalls for next year,am kinda crossing my fingers I start to fit more into the days lol!!
GTM x x x

ps lol the tidy fairy is such a sweet idea,I wonder if it would work on my hubby :O) lol!!!

Eileen said...

My boys are slightly embarrassed and secretly thrilled that I have saved every ornament and "Christmas" decoration they made me growing up -of course I haul them out each year and lovingly display them on the tree and other places..and relatives and friends always comment on them. I so agree with Jean -that some things are best left alone even if our tastes have changed -my youngest son, 23, who hasn't been home for 2 past Christmas's commented the other day how he is looking forward to seeing all the "traditional decorations and collections of things -that he has really missed them" ....and I wasn't going to put alot out this year...can't disappoint the kids....

Mary said...

I love these! That first one is a great looking project. It's the memories that make things so special once they are part of our traditions. Oh, wonder I've never heard of the Tidy tidy rooms!