Thursday, 4 December 2008

Christmas Shops

To Salisbury today, we go there every year to mooch around the shops and go to Pizza Hut for lunch! We know how to live!!!! Some of the shops are so prettily dressed, the bakery above was wonderful
Forever England, a great shop which I could have spent a fortune on, thankfully the Chancellor of the Exchequer was with me so not too much money left the purse.

The quilt in the window was nice and very inspiring, in fact the whole place was inspiring.
On the way home there was a beautiful sunset which I tried to capture on paper as we hurtled along in the car, as a sketch with a hope of getting it down in watercolour sometime....I have handbags stuffed with these sketches that I rarely get around to doing!


happyone said...

Oh what a lovely looking shop. I would love to be there looking around with you.

Mary said...

These shops look great and I love that quilt! Is it hand made locally, probably? I'm a quilter so I am always happy to see quilts from other places and people.

Goosey said...

Happyone and Mary....It was a wonderful shop and I think it is a locally made quilt but I can't be sure about that.