Saturday, 20 December 2008

A walk though the Park

I left the bike at home the other day and walked to work, through the park on a misty day. these shots were taken at lunchtime and you can see how hazy it was. I was beginning to think I would not see any bird life so thought these might be as near as I got!
Then this fellow glided past with a sort of disdainful look about him.

This little fellow could be saying "but I'm not a Canada Goose, so you can feed me"
I once heard a story from a friend who is a local policeman that they used to send the newest rookiest policeman off overnight to count the ducks in Poole Park, they would look under bushes and spend the whole night counting ducks and Canada Geese! They were told it was so that if there were too many there could be a duck wasn't true of course! This was about 25 years ago and I'm sure it doesn't happen now but it does conjure up a great picture!

These are something of a rare breed now, there are not to many red telephone boxes left now in the UK, they are grey glass boxes now and very dull they are too.
Not a great birding day, unfortunately I didn't leave myself time to just stand and look and you don't see much when you just keep walking. Do look at Quicksilvers blog to do the bird challenge over the holiday.
I'm feeling a bit sorry for myself, on my first day off I went down with laryngitis, spent 2 days in bed and now have absolutley no voice! This appears to be a happy situation for my family but I'm stroppy because we were going to a carol service today and I can't speak let alone sing! I shall still go but just in a listening capacity. Don't worry if you read this and you work with me, I intend to be OK very soon! So this is my communication channel at the moment apart from meaningful looks to the family...Hey Ho, Happy Christmas!


happyone said...

Oh I love the picture of the swan's head and neck.
There is someone in my town who has one of your call boxes in their front yard. The glass is gone now and the color is badly faded though.
btw - great idea to make talking on the phone illegal while driving. There are only a few places here in the US where it is illegal, but I don't think you can lose your license over it.

Teresa said...

Enjoyed the pictures, thanks for sharing. I hope you get your voice back soon and can enjoy some Christmas carols.

Tricia said...

Oh Goosey - losing your voice at this time of year just isn't fair!!

Have a happy Christmas - with my best wishes.

Mary said...

What are the fake birds part of? Lovely swan and gull! Feeding Canada geese is a definite problem! They never go away again and you have a terrible mess. That is funny about sending out the rookie policemen :-) I love the red phone boxes...hate to think they are going away.