Sunday, 14 December 2008

Carols by Candlelight

This evening we went to St. Mary's Longfleet Poole for their candlelit carol service, it was really lovely and the choir was superb. They get so crowded that we had to get there about half an hour before it started to get a seat and they are repeating the service two more times to let everyone come who wants to be there.
It was the real start of Christmas for me, I really am not too interested in the shops at this time of year as it seems all materialism and the real reason for Christmas is not in the town center, the birth of Jesus is not even in the shop window displays any more ( with the exception of that wonderful toy shop in Salisbury, The Entertainer).
The choir sang like angels and I confess I came out with their Christmas CD ( materialism!). During one song, 'Breath of Heaven' it made the hairs on my neck stand up it was so beautiful with one lady's lone voice singing as if she were Mary, mother of Jesus. The choir is not a traditional Church choir but more like you see on that TV programme about the choirs competing against each other.
We met lots of friends at the service even though this is not our regular Church and how lovely it is to meet with old friends who we haven't seen for a while.
My boys are coming home at the end of the week and I'm more excited about that than Christmas day! I shall be working a night shift on Christmas guess who will be seeing Santa fly through the sky first!


Greentwinsmummy said...

it sounds wonderful!& how wonderful they have to do repeat performances!it brings home the true meaning of the season I think & as you say thats oe thats a million miles in a physical & spiritual way from crowded shops
GTM x xx

happyone said...

That sounds like a perfect start to Christmas.
I agree Christmas has become so commercialized and I stay away from shopping too. My gifts are things that I've made or baked.

Border Reiver said...

Good to read you still believe in Santa Clause Snowgoosey, I'm getting my stocking ready already. I don't know that church, but candlelit services are wonderful, I'll be at Wells Cathedral this Saturday doing just that.

Bovey Belle said...

That sounds so magical - I wish I'd been there too. Like you, I hate the rank commercialism too . . .

Teresa said...

The service sounds just perfect!