Monday, 22 December 2008

Was it really an Osprey?

I went for a walk this morning and saw a large bird of prey, looking through the binoculars I am sure it was an Osprey but thought they have all left now for Africa. I know these are not good pictures as my point and shoot cannot zoom in far but I have zoomed in and still can't think what else it could be, it is right in the middle of the picture on the ground. I think the second photo is the slightly better one and it is just to the left of the tree in the centre.
The park I saw it in is right next to the harbour, so that would be right, I'm sure you locals recognise it. I saw it fly and again I think osprey. My daughter was with me and she says she saw it on top of a high lamp post alongside the main road which runs next to this place about 2 days ago but she had no idea what it was....she's not really into birding!
On a less exotic note I saw a lovely nuthatch, many Robins, Great tits and Magpies.
If any of you birders can give me any clues I would be grateful.


Anonymous said...

I've looked at your second picture close-up and I just can't decide. I've seen loads of ospreys in the Florida Keys... but I'm just not sure. At first I thought it was a pale buzzard (as you can get very pale variants)... but it would be great if it was an osprey. Poole harbour is an osprey hot-spot on their way to their wintering homes in Africa, but it seems very late. Maybe it's worth sending it to the RSPB and see what they think? Jane

Rare Visitor said...

I think this is a pale juvenile Common Buzzard. Have looked closely and the upperparts appear too grey to me for Osprey and the head in photo 1 lacks any sign of the prominent dark eye stripe on Osprey.

Goosey said...

Thanks for the comments, we did think of Buzzard and check it out in the book but it seemed bigger than usual but I know there are alot of Buzzards around there. Perhaps it just is a bigger one! I must admit that an Osprey seems unlikely in late December...thanks for looking.

Bovey Belle said...

I'm no expert, having never seen an Osprey, only lots of Buzzards - and you occasionally get a melanistic form of them, but it looks pretty tall for a Buzzard (ours are butty critters!) Merry Christmas.

Mary said...

Don't you hate mysteries you can't solve for sure...especially when it is a bird you hope you are seeing? I'm no help...don't know ospreys.