Sunday, 7 December 2008

Winter walk across Purbeck

This was one big bull...he doesn't look huge in this picture but his neck was massive! Glad there was a string of barbed wire between him and me, although he seemed quite placid.
This was the stunning view towards Corfe Castle late this afternoon, the photo doesn't do it justice but the mist lying around the castle looked amazing. You can just about pick out the castle shape in the middle. It was -1 when we left there at 4.45pm, so fairly chilly.

Hartland Moor at sunset and the mist was running through like ribbons across the landscape. Lots of deer about, a Hen Harrier hunting for food too. We walked down to the hide at Middlebere and watched a Spoonbill come flying in looking like a Pterodactyl in a prehistoric scene. Herons and Egrets and a Peregrine Falcon too.

This wonderful bull was a big beast and was leaning over the fence as the farmer was busy getting some silage up on his trailer to supplement his food rations. Every time he exhaled this lovely warm breath showed in the cold air. I did get a very close picture as you can see in the first picture and nearly managed to pat his snout but he shyed away from me then!

Just another view across Hartland Moor. Two hours walking across here can blow all the cobwebs away and make you feel so much better. Then home to tea in front of the fire, what more could you ask for?


Tricia said...

Great post Goosey - I do love your part of the world. Hartland Moor sounds really good for birds.

And tea at the end of a good walk - what more could you ask for! Bliss

Kingsdowner said...

Lovely area, and a good record of a winter walk!
Thank fo visiting my blog - may I also introduce you to Mary at

Mary said...

Looks like a very big bull to me! But such a lovely color and you did get a great close-up!

W. Latane Barton said...

Beautiful photos. I love the mist hovering over the earth, seems surreal. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

happyone said...

The bull sure looks huge to me!! :-)
Lovely pictures as always!

Bovey Belle said...

What wonderful memories you have invoked yet again Goosey. Lovely photos - especially the one of Corfe.