Saturday, 10 January 2009

The British and the weather.

What would we Brits do without the weather to talk about! It's a subject on everyones lips as it's been so cold. I walked by Poole Park the other day and the poor birds were padding about on top of the ice looking down in a puzzled sort of way. When I passed anyone and said "hello" they nearly always reply "It's cold isn't it!"
Today we drove to Hamoon and then walked along the trailway to Sturminster Newton...about a four mile round trip. Again everyone commented on the cold weather, people are so friendly and we passed the time of day with a delightful lady out with her little dog. Popped into the greatest fabric shop in the world in Sturminster, Hansons and sadly parted with some cash for 4 yards of fabric.

This pond was also covered in ice. Bird wise I saw a Moorhen, female Kestrel, Blackcap, Coal Tit, Rooks and a Lapwing. The Blackcap and the Coal Tit were in my garden. A lovely walk apart from feeling like my nose had dropped off in the cold. Still they say it will be warmer and wetter now, so what will we talk about then!


happyone said...

I find that walking people are indeed friendly. :-)

Andrew at Quicksilverbirds said...

Hi Goosey, I was in Hansons just before Christmas, brought a friend to see it who is into needlecraft...she was amazed how good it was with the comment "better than anything I've seen in London". I succumbed to a kettle in Harts. Dorset has it all, always thought that. After 6 months of not coming to Dorset every weekend I'm missing it so keep posting from the BMV to make me homesick. Oh and by the way, isn't it warm now.... :-)

Mary said...

Yes, it's quite cold here in Minnesota too! I don't think we'll even hit 0 degrees F in the next couple days.

We have another quilter in the UK who usually makes and donates her HeartStrings quilts locally although occasionally she'll send blocks in. She just finished up a Happy Block quilt for our Jan/Feb project. Take a look at her blog and feel free to contact her about HeartStrings.