Thursday, 22 January 2009

Calender quilt

I have pinched this idea from another blog called calendar quilt challenge . Basically you sew one piece every day to do with that day, so this is the January strip. I was too late to register with the challenge so I thought I would do it anyway on my own. The picture below is the first part, Jan 1st is white to denote a new fresh start. The next few days are frosty and snowy shades as the weather was so cold. The jam pots are for marmalade making in January, the cotton reels because I sew in the winter when I can't get out so much in the evenings.
The picture above is from the 10th - 22nd, the check fabric is for the barn dance we went to on the 17th and the plates for a bring and share lunch we went to. The plain blue is the 20th so I might embroider Barack Obama's name on it as the 44th president of the USA....I'm getting carried away now!

It only takes about 5 minutes a day and by the end of the year I'll have a quilt done.
Oh dear, I definitely have too much time on my hands..... hoping to go to Slimbridge in the next month to do a bit of birding, off to Swansea for the day to see son number 2 and hoping to see youngest son in the Royal Marines very soon, he is desperately homesick and struggling with a heavy cold, but being all about endurance he can't let up at all. I thought when your children grew up there was less to worry about...not so!

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Bovey Belle said...

Wave if you come to Swansea then Goosey, as I'm really not that far away 3/4 hour by car . . .