Wednesday, 21 January 2009

How to amuse yourself on a January holiday at home

I am having two weeks holiday from work at the moment, I have tried to do a bit of birdwatching but not with amazing success, so decided to sew a Goldfinch instead. I haven't done any cross stitching for ages but really enjoyed this one from Mary Hinkmott's magazine. I'll try the bullfinch next.
Nearly finished this quilt, only two more squares to go which I hope to do today, then I can piece it together.

Walking the Dorset countryside, this is Blandford St Mary taken from the trailway which we walked last Sunday with Wrecks the dog.

Find signs of spring, the first catkins I've seen this year.

Barn dancing last Saturday at our Church. Sadly I lost a tooth during this (to be truthful it was a loose crown anyway!) but still embarrassing when you are on your knees trying to retrieve said tooth....well they cost alot of money if you have to have a new one!
Spend time at the dentist having offending tooth glued back in and then the painful bit...£16 for a couple of minutes work on the dentists part.
We've had various friends round for supper a few times and more to come this week.
I've tried to declutter the house a bit and spring clean too.
My lovely friend, Cathy has been round for lunch today, we shared some soup and crusty bread and alot of laughs!
I think I'm too busy to work now, I'm enjoying myself a mite too much! Still I have another week to go yet, yippee!


Lucy Bloom said...

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment, enjoy the rest of your time off - doesn't it always go too quickly!

MrsL said...

Love the cross stitch; look forward to seeing the completed quilt too.



Lace hearts said...

Hi - thanks for your lovely comment on my kitchen table post. I love your quilt - you've certainly worked hard at that. It sounds as if you are having a perfect two week break!
The cross stitch worked well, didn't it!

Andrew at Quicksilverbirds said...

We never do this enough, having holidays at home. I did this in September and a fair few people said, why was I not going away. It's just as nice, and very relaxing to be at home. Enjoy your second week.

Mary said...

What a great cross stitch! Your quilt is going to be beautiful when you get it done. How nice to have some time off to work on these things.

Tattyanne said...

Lovely crossstich Goosey, isn't it amazing how much detail that those little stitches capture! You're so good, always making things, do you think your daughter is going to pick up some of your skills? see you soon Tatty X

Joyful said...

Your Goldfinch is lovely.

I don't have any birds designs but I would be honored if you visited my web site at:

There are several free cross stitch designs that have been a blessing to many.


urbanextension said...

Hi. I think that's a pic of "Lower" Blandford St Mary. I only know because my sister lives there. It's a very sweet little village and by all accounts a very special place to live (so she says!). Jane