Tuesday, 24 February 2009

C is for lent!....and for Catflaps

Is this a catflap for a high rise cat? Rather a classy entrance really!
The pancakes have been tossed and eaten and now to decide what to give up for lent.......
I 've decided...it's to be food beginning with the letter 'C'.
Crisps, Cream, Cakes, Chocolate, Chips, Chinese takeaways. Exceptions are carrots and cabbage, and chips on 6th March because we've already ordered fish and chips at a do we are going to with friends!
40 days, it seems a long time away!


lou said...

Good luck with lent, I don’t think I could give up on those things!

Thank you for your comment…love Lou xxx

P.S is that your catflap? I’m sure we see one like that when we were out on a walk but I can’t think where it was.

happyone said...

I love the blue and white plate!!

Tattyanne said...

Goosey, why are all the best things beginning with the letter C! Good luck! Keep me posted!Oh, I 've just thought about another one, chicken! Does that one count? Take care Tatty X

Goosey said...

Lou...It's not our catflap! It's at Fiddleford Mill.

Happyone...The plates are very old but just keep going!

Tatty...Hmmm, no I think chicken are exempt! Oh and when I go to the fish and chip supper they will be fish and fries!

summerfete said...

Funky catflap!!

I shall pop back to your blog too.


Greentwinsmummy said...

Your pancakes look perfect! what a fantastic cat flap :o) we dont have one here so Mabel works us hard mowwling loud get a 2 legger to jump up & open her exit of choice,sometimes a window,sometimes the door lol!

I am thinking long & hard what to give up for lent,did you see the Christian Aid leaflet?its got wondeful ideas in there such as for every shower you have in a week,donante 50p,gems such as the contraversial power station planned for Kent will produce as much carbon dioxide in a year as Rwanda does as a whole country~donate 10p for every item n the house currently plugged in.
GTM x x x

Mary said...

Love that "catflap"! LOL! You are givng up chocolate?? I'm not sure I could do that....ever.