Monday, 16 February 2009

Gull's..not knowing one from another!

I confess that I don't know my Gulls very well, I wouldn't know if a Glaucous Gull came and pinched my cornish pasty from my hand!
However I did see a pair of Great Black-Backed Gulls at Baiter the other morning, I only know because I had my handy pocket bird guide with me. I'm not sure if they are common or not but I was pleased because I have never identified one before. They were stunning to look at and I'm chuffed to have seen them even if they are as common as muck!


Andrew at Quicksilverbirds said...

Hi Goosey, Gulls are tough. I'll send you an e-mail later with some tips. GT BBG are fairly common down here, and in the winter we're lucky to get Lesser BB Gulls, pretty much the same to look at, slightly smaller and yellow legs. Also in a Black Headed Gull flock, keep a look out for Common Gulls, about the same size, but yellowy/green legs and yellow bill.

oldcrow61 said...

lol, I love Gulls as well.