Friday, 13 February 2009

A simple pleasure

I woke the other morning to the usual frosty scene and as I ride a bike decided it may be safer to walk to work than wobble my way down the steep hill, it's called Constitution Hill for a reason! I gave myself 3/4 hour and what a lovely walk it was. These picture were taken in the park before hardly anyone was about, just the occasional dog walker to be seen. The birds were just beginning to show themselves around the duck pond. I saw some Aylesbury ducks but haven't listed them because I'm not sure if they are captive or not! Also saw some white geese with yellow/orange beaks but apart from farmyard geese I don't know what they are.
I really fancied sitting on this bench and watching the scenery and the light change in front of me but as I start work at 07.30. this wasn't possible. My place of work is within 5 minutes walk of this lovely view, I feel very fortunate.
At the end of the day the walk up the hill was not quite so much fun but no pain, no gain! I will try and do this again next time I'm on an early shift and maybe leave home earlier so that i can enjoy a few minutes sitting on the bench!


Eileen said...

Aren't we lucky to walk/drive/bike to work beside such loveliness as water can be!

MrsL said...

Beautiful photos, thanks for sharing.



happyone said...

Oh I love to be outside walking early before lots of other people are out. It's my favorite time of day. :-)

Tricia said...

That view is wonderful Goosey and so calm and peaceful; beautiful pictures too.

Teresa said...

Gosh, just beautiful pictures. I could sit on that bench and get totally lost in the beauty.