Saturday, 14 March 2009

Barry's back!

This is the home of Barry, he lives under this lid which we leave in the garden for him, but this is really his summer residence. I'm not sure where he spends the winter exactly but that's none of my business.
Two things today have made me realise that Spring is on the way;
1- I heard an Ice Cream van
2- I lifted the lid ....and lo and behold, Barry the slow worm has returned!

Here he is, he is rather shy so it was just a quick peep. So it's time to get out the shorts, sunglasses and the garden chairs, spring has sprung!


Greentwinsmummy said...

There was an icecream van in the village yesterday! thankfully he didnt have the chimes on or we didnt hear them as it was just before dinner,arg bad timing lol!
Lovely to see Barry has made it through the winter months

Goosey said...

Tell the smalls that the Ice cream van only sounds the chimes when it has run out of ice cream!!!Oh, that's mean!!!

Menopausal musing said...

Barry?..... BARRY????!!!!!! Where did that name come from? Having said that, we had Sexy Pink the woodlouse marauding in our downstairs loo for quite a while...... but that's another story.

Goosey said...

Not sure where Barry came from as a name, but some friends of ours call all snails Pamela. As they rehome them over the fence they yell "flying Pamela's!"
...perhaps we should reassess our friends!

lou said...

I loved your picture of Barry; :0)spring was defiantly here today it was beautiful!
Love Lou xxx

happyone said...

Haven't seen any ice cream trucks here yet but Rita's, an ice cream shop has reopened for the season. :-)
What a nice home Barry has! :-)

Andrew at Quicksilverbirds said...

Good to know you've got a slow worm Goosey, that'll shift some of your pests in the garden. If you had 2 bin lids would Barry find a mate?

Raggy Rat said...

wow, tanks for popping by my blog
i wonder are you very far from me?
keep rading the echo magazine, i will be in it soon ...
me and the chidlers would love to say hello to barry ... and baby barry !