Wednesday, 18 March 2009

The Ice Drove

Sunday saw us up at Bulbarrow enjoying the lovely weather and walking along an old track known as the Ice Drove. You could either park at the viewpoint or just down the road to Hilton and Ansty in a layby just past Bulbarrow farm as you go downhill. Just below the layby is the start of the track on the left. We followed the hedge along the top of this picture as it curved round along the ridge to the right.
It's a high point in Dorset and well worth the effort. This was actually a flat walk of about 3 miles as we stayed up on the ridge. Through several fields of sheep and through the Green Hill nature reserve and then back up through Bulbarrow farm.

Just as we neared the end of the walk we came across this shelter, the sign on the wall exhorts walkers to spend time sitting in it reflecting on people you know who are no longer with us. It is built in memory of a young man called Mark, who was a much loved son and this shelter is surrounded by flower tubs and little bits of memorabilia to do with Mark.

Wrecks used this unexpected stop to rest before we did the final part of the walk. If you are in Dorset and have the time or inclination, do try this walk, although I suspect after rain it could be a bit boggy in places!


happyone said...

How nice it to rest and take some time for remembering.
The lake I walk around has benches all around it and each has a plaque on it in remembrance of someone.

Greentwinsmummy said...

what a lovely memorial to someone & how kind of them to do it in effect for others to share & benefit from.
it looks a lovely walk,we havent been that way yet but will do one day!

Goosey said...

Hello happyone, we do have those memorial benches here too in our parks and gardens and public places, I think this one may have been the farmers that own the land, perhaps it was their son, I don't know.It certainly must have cost quite alot to create but a lovely and fitting memorial.
Hello GTM, Do try and do that walk one day, it's not too far from you and well worth the effort although maybe to far for the smalls just yet!

Bovey Belle said...

I have happy memories of Bulbarrow, but haven't heard of the Ice Drove. Does it go up by the Gibbett? You visit all my favourite places. Lovely memorial to the lad . . .