Thursday, 5 March 2009

Poundbury...The Prince of Wales' village

Last weekend we were off to Dorchester to spend some time with some friends who live there, but on the way we decided to stop off at Poundbury which is a new town built on the edge of Dorchester. The Prince of Wales has been involved in the design of the place and I understand visits it from time to time. This is the view that you see from the by-pass around the town, a rather grand and imposing building which I hear will be offices.
There are town squares and village green type spaces around and houses are clustered around them in mini communities. There are not too many houses that are alike and individualism is nice to see. There are shops and businesses, fire station and other building mixed in with residential buildings. None of the buildings are very old but made to look 'old-style' .

The roads are wide in most parts and paking is as you see in this picture. I liked the look of Poundbury but wouldn't want to live there!The gardens looked quite small ( although I did not see in any gardens) therefore I may be mistaken. I didn't notice any Church there or school but maybe I just missed them or they will come in the next phase.
Well, it was fun to have a peep and see for ourselves, I think it's a lovely place...but not for us!

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Teresa said...

We have a few of these communities popping up around here too. Thanks for sharing the pictures...very interesting.