Saturday, 7 March 2009

Yesterday we went down to Exeter for the day and I spent a few hours at the Quilt Exhibition which is on at Westpoint for 3 days. My husband left me to it and went off to Totnes and poked around there for a while. These pictures are of the antique quilts, there were some beautiful modern quilts but I could not reproduce them here without the makers permission. These quilts pictired are between 100 - 250 years old and are hand made and so detailed.
You can imagine the maker sewing by candlelight and snipping old clothes up to create something amazing.

This one is called 'Dresden Plate' and very delicate.
Lots of snow lying on the fields and plenty of Buzzards to be seen. We were able to bring our son home for the weekend from the Marine base where he is a recruit, sadly he has a stress fracture in his leg so will return on Monday to a recuperation troop and for physio and specialist exercises.


Tattyanne said...

I hope Wills isnt too down about this setback Goosey, and will soon be back in full form. Heres to a speedy recovery, although I expect that you are secretly glad to have him home for a while! Tattyanne X

Teresa said...

Wow..the quilting is amazing. Sure makes you re-think the way we turn quilts out so quickly doesn't it.

happyone said...

Oh, sorry to hear about your son. Hope is leg heals quickly.
Those quilts are all beautiful!!

Mary said...

What lovely quilts! I do love quilt shows....people are so talented and the colors are so great and cheerful.

oldcrow61 said...

Wonderful quilts, works of art!