Thursday, 23 April 2009

Just gone...and left her skin behind!

I have been watching Barry (Slow worm ) and his/her babies every day but when I lifted the lid two days ago I found the babies still there but no Barry....just this rather gruesome skin left! I had no idea that Slow worms shed their skin like snakes. You live and learn! I'm sure he isn't far away and so long as he keeps the slug and snail population down I don't mind where he lives.
I have never grown tulips before but last autumn I purchased a few packets of bulbs from a cheap and cheerful shop called In Excess and have been rewarded with this show just outside my back door. It lifts the heart when you go out to hang the washing and I shall certainly plant more next year.


happyone said...

Oh those tulips are so pretty. The edges of the red and white ones look feathery - I love them!!

oldcrow61 said...

A wonderful display of tulips.