Sunday, 26 April 2009

Studland Heath and more Cuckoo's

I have just been on nights for a couple of nights so wanted a gentle stroll rather than a route march so we drove over to Studland via Corfe Castle. This rather flat and nondescipt field is near the shore of the south side of Poole harbour. The National Trust own it and are trying to let it revert back to heathland. It will take many years to get rid of the fertilisers that have been put on the land, they have removed most of the fences to let cattle, horses and sheep freely graze it and in the course of time it should become heathland again.
This green water is the result of clay in the ground giving it this amazing jewel-like quality, the area was a great industry years ago of clay extraction and the stuff was taken down to the harbour on small tram lines the remains of which are everywhere on this part of Purbeck.
We heard the Cuckoo again (not the same one as last evening!) and lots of yaffles of Green Woodpeckers but again I didn't see them....I swear they are laughing at me because I never manage to see them!


happyone said...

That is a beautiful picture - lots of different colors and textures and I love the green water.

Eileen said...

I agree with happyone -just love the picture with the green water...looks like a place that I'd like to spend some time beside!