Sunday, 19 April 2009

The sun off we went

A and I walked Wrecks near Badbury Rings a few days ago, a lovely sunny day that had us baring our arms to the sun for the first time this year. As we walked long the edge of the field we were having to be careful not to tread on the many Peacock butterfly's that were sunning themselves on the path. Orange tips and Small White butterflies too.
This tree is the suff of children's dreams, if you were a child wouldn't you want to climb in and see what a tree is like inside? It would be fun to climb in and then talk to passers by so that they thought the tree was talking to them!...Oh really, I must get a grip!!!!
Today we have walked around Studland and stopped at a birdhide overlooking Goathorn and the quieter part of Poole Harbour, watching the terns dive into the water and having three deer grazing right next to the hide. More another day when I have downloaded the photos.


happyone said...

Nice to hear you are getting some nice warm weather.
Great idea about the tree. :-)

oldcrow61 said...

I just love that tree. I wouldn't be surprised if there were fairies there too.

Cindy said...

This is a great old tree.