Tuesday, 21 April 2009

These two fabulous Huf haus ( seen on Grand Designs a year or two ago)have a view over the sea at Studland as in the following picture. ....I could live with that view! It's Old Harry rocks and it's a great walk up to the end too. Actually we didn't realise until we were on the way back that we had been tresspassing when I took this picture, didn't spot the sign at all on the way up! We ended up walking to the hide at Brands Bay and as we sat there this deer came right up under where we were sitting, we could hear it tearing the grass with it's teeth we were so close!
The sunset was glorious, we watched the terns diving for food right in front of the hide and hundreds of Shelduck flying in to spend the night here I presume. A few Oystercatchers, Mallards, Canada geese but not much else about really.

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Cindy said...

I love the final picture. An interesting sunset.