Friday, 15 May 2009

Where is our milk coming from?

Did anyone out there see Countryfile on Sunday about the cows being kept in all year round now. I am from an extended farming family and have two friends who have or had dairy herds and their cows have always been kept in the fields except for in the deep midwinter. I must admit to being shocked and saddened by this and although I always buy my milk from Waitrose because I believe that the farmers are paid more fairly by them I am beginning to wonder now if I have to buy organic milk to be sure they are outside in the fields. On reading Waitrose's statement on the website it is a bit ambiguous and does not actually say much.
I do understand the issues farmers face with the supermarkets underpaying them and all the other stuff but....I feel I want to do something about it, or at least moan about it!
I must admit as we walk the countryside now you see less herds of cows and we are poorer for their absence.
The fine ladies in the photo are reasonably close to where I live, and I love to see them.
Still it's my birthday in a couple of weeks and I always have a pint of Jersey/Guernsey milk on that day.....can't wait!


happyone said...

I always like seeing the cows out too!

It's my birthday in a couple of weeks too.
Do we share the same birthday?
May 30

Goosey said...

Mine is May 29th Happyone...very close!

happyone said...

Cool! :-)