Friday, 29 May 2009

Lower saved from development

On bank holiday Monday we had a wander round Lower kingcombe north of Dorchester and near Toller Pocorum. This farmland was bought by the Dorset Trust for Nature Conservation about 25 years ago. it had been a farm owned by the Walbridge family and had been farmed with no chemicals or any sprays or artificial fertilisers. It was therefore untouched by modern farming methods and had kept it's meadows and hedgerows as they have been for generations. The estate was bought by a London property speculator who broke the land up into lots and put it to auction. There was an outcry locally and I remember it being very much in the news here in Dorset. Eventually enough money was raised to save over 300 acres and that's why we could enjoy this meadow today.
The little beastie above is a wasp beetle.This meadow is one of several, every field you walk through is covered in wild flowers, I haven't seen meadows quite like these since I was a child.

We saw lots of birds, dragonflies, and flowers. It's real escapism and I shall hopefully return to see the later summer meadows. We came here years ago when it was first bought by the Nature Conservation and it's nice to see it so unchanged.


happyone said...

The pictures are delightful - so pretty.
I'm about to go for my morning walk (it's 6:30 am here now) but just popped in to wish you a Happy Birthday! :-)
Hope your having a wonderful day.

Goosey said...

Thanks Happyone, I've had a lovely day and the weather has been so warm and sunny. We have had a beautiful walk in the fields and woods tonight. Have a wonderful day tomorrow and a Happy Birthday!:-)

Mary said...

How wonderful that they saved that gorgeous meadow! I wish there were more success stories like that one. Is it your birthday? Happy birthday!

Andrew at Quicksilverbirds said...

Good to see the Kingcombe Reserve on a blog, I remember first visiting it nearly 20 eyars ago when it was very much developing, and of course it's overlooked by my favourite place in the UK... an Iron Age Hill fort, but I'll not say where as want to keep it to myself :-)

Menopausal musing said...

Hi Goosey.... great photos again. What a beautiful walk you had! Wish I had known you were at the Vintage and Handmade fair, I would have loved to have met you.

modern farming methods said...

Very nice photo collection.