Monday, 25 May 2009

Return to Turners Puddle.

Now wouldn't you just like to hop over that style and walk across that field? I make no apologies for returning to Turners Puddle for another walk. The sound of the birds were wonderful and plenty of butterflies fluttering around.
How about a swing on this piece of rope! Our children have done it many times and I have waded up the river with them when they were small to see the pig who lives in the field down the river.

Believe it or not this is the same church I photographed on April 9th when the graveyard was covered with Celandine, Primroses and other spring flowers. Actually the link from the picture at the bottom of this item will take you there. In the few weeks since then, the cow parsley has grown and the grass has got really tall but it's still more beautiful than any other church I know, so wild and natural.

I'm not sure what this caterpillar will turn into, I will look it up today but it was a big one and a bit hairy too.
It's a bank holiday today so we will find somewhere to walk today, it's also our daughters 24th birthday, she is on holiday in North Wales and climbed Snowdon yesterday. She phoned us from the top and told us that they had felt their legs were like jelly, so stood two jelly babies on a rock to take a photo of them...and a passing gull came and ate one of them!


Elizabethd said...

I did laugh at your story of the jelly babies!
What beautiful photos of the 'puddle', thank you.

Mary said...

Lovely field and water. No wonder you like to go there. I love that church. Funny about the jelly babies. Snowdon would be quite a hike...I'd be reduced to less than jelly.