Saturday, 16 May 2009

Three Okefords Fair

The delightfully named Three Okefords Fair is on this weekend just outside the village of Shillingstone. It's called the Three Okefords because of the three Okeford villages of Okeford Fitzpaine, Child Okeford and Shilling Okefore (which is the old name for Shillingstone). It is set in lovely Dorset scenery as you can see in the second picture and has Dorset characters aplenty! However for me today it was the dogs and children that amused me, this first dog looked totally fed up and resigned to being driven around and his body language said it all.
This traction engine was driven by a young Mum and she had her two little tots seated in the back.

There didn't appear to be a driver in this old steam lorry, just this little chap. It was a lovely afternoon, the commentary was in wonderfully local dialect and funny too. ...and I came home with some home made marmalade and a jar of runner bean chutney. Yummmm.


MrsL said...

We didn't manage it again this year; looks a lovely good-sized event, Nice photos.



happyone said...

We have fair of the same nature here by us too that I've been to a few times. It's always fun to walk around and look at everything.
Enjoy your Sunday.

Elizabethd said...

How my husband would love that! He is a real steam enthusiast.

Andrew at Quicksilverbirds said...

Great to see the Three Oakfords posting, I've never been to that show but a neighbour of Thelma's had her horse there... presumably for doing something, not just as a visitor.