Tuesday, 12 May 2009

What will the librarian think of these books!

I went to the library and I think my choice of books may say something about me! If I were a librarian I'm sure I would assess people by what they read, just as when I am in a shop queue I look in other folks baskets to see what I can glean about them! Have they got a cat or a dog, do they cook from scratch or save time with ready meals? I chose quite lightweight books this time, and maybe I am feeling my age!

Hmmm, haven't made any alterations yet....

Haven't folded any tea bags either!

This book is great and makes you think about why we like to keep up with the Jones and why many people are not content with what they have. Personally I feel very content with my lot in life, I have a great husband and children who give me pleasure all the time and make me laugh alot! I have a home, it's not big but it's all we need, I have a job I enjoy, although some of my friends think that's a bit strange knowing what I do but it gives me great satisfaction. I have a strong faith which makes me feel secure and loved and gives me hope. I think the only thing I wish is that I could move out of the town and have a garden big enough to make into a mini nature reserve, if I could transplant my house that would be fine!

Another book by Oliver James, apparently the Students Nurses are now being given it as a suggestion to read and it is very interesting .
So....you could say I'm looking after the future with this little selection!


happyone said...

I too am content with what I have in life. I think that is why I am Happyone! :-)
I think a lot of people have a good and happy life and they just don't realize it because they are always wanting more.

I look in other people baskets to see what they are buying too. :-)

oldcrow61 said...

Nothing wrong with those books. I think I'd enjoy them myself. I often look in other peoples baskets as well.