Saturday, 13 June 2009

Working hard at the Nurses Gala

Today we had our Nurses Gala at the Palliative Care unit where I work. We set up some great stalls, jam made by one of the Mac Nurses, cakes to drool over.............
Tombola, I've never seen such a big tombola stall, manned by our amazing volunteers who put in so many hours both on the ward and for the Gala.

Tattyanne doing the BBQ, they tasted wonderful and I think she ran out of Burgers in the end! It was good to see her again, quite like old times. (She has moved on to pastures new during the last year)....but we keep in touch.

In came the people, it doesn't look many but when it was really packed I had to man my bookstall and couldn't take photos.

The sun shone and we did really well, the funds are replenished! Alot of the people who came have lost loved ones in the past with us and it is lovely to catch up with them, lots of hugs, a few tears but mostly fun and laughter.

Thursday, 11 June 2009

At last...I've done a bit of gardening!

I spent nearly all day today doing the garden with my son. We got out there by and kept going until 5.00pm! We repainted the seat and table, cleared out some scruffy bits of the patio, dead-headed the roses, weeded and hoed.
When we sat down to have a break we had a go at racing two snails which we called George and Sid. George won but Sid was rubbish!

This is the pond which has a host of wildlife in it. The whole garden is a bit of a wild garden but I like it that way. It's typically English in that we put everything in closely and let it all spill over the path and grow into each other....and it is only a small patch but I have 23 rose bushes in it, nearly all old fashioned smelly ones and lots of Cranesbill too.
We celebrated by having a BBQ this evening!

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

It's a grave matter!

A couple of weeks ago whilst walking Wrecks the dog I came around the corner here in the graveyard and saw an adult fox with 4 cubs. The cubs were playing and rolling about and jumping on the smaller gravestones. Wrecks and I stood and watched and they seemed not to have seen us...of course I didn't have my camera with me!
Since then I have been back regularly (with my camera) but only seen the adult fox, he or she seems unconcerned about me being there but no sign of the youngsters. He or she is in the middle of the picture at the back....I know, it's a bit distant!
I am beginning to wonder if people are beginning to think me odd as I am loitering about in the graveyard alot (Nobody who knows me is allowed to comment on whether I am odd or not!!!!!) Still, I shall keep looking every time I go past.

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Baptism's in the sea Brrrrr!

Today 3 people in our Church were baptised in the sea, and it was a cold and rainy day. I'm not sure who was wettest, the baptism people or us stood on the beach! Mark was the first to declare his faith in Jesus and Ben (our Pastor) and Marks wife Rosie did the baptising. Now Rosie is a tiny little lady and the waves were buffeting her about, and prior to the service Rosie told me she "doesn't do cold!"

As you see it was a bit of a struggle with the waves and everything but Mark did go under!After Mark two young girls were baptised, Chloe and Verity watched by everyone from the Church on the beach to great cheers when they came up out of the water. Before this we had all had a shared lunch back at the Church.On the way back from the beach we stopped off to cheer my sons girlfriend on, in the 10k race, she's the girl in the grey T shirt getting soaked through. I think the rain was actually OK for them, it kept them cooler.
And now, at the end of the day the clouds have cleared and it's blue sky! So it was back to our house for a birthday tea for one of our son's. A busy day but really lovely too. Now...where's a darkened room I can lie down in !