Thursday, 11 June 2009

At last...I've done a bit of gardening!

I spent nearly all day today doing the garden with my son. We got out there by and kept going until 5.00pm! We repainted the seat and table, cleared out some scruffy bits of the patio, dead-headed the roses, weeded and hoed.
When we sat down to have a break we had a go at racing two snails which we called George and Sid. George won but Sid was rubbish!

This is the pond which has a host of wildlife in it. The whole garden is a bit of a wild garden but I like it that way. It's typically English in that we put everything in closely and let it all spill over the path and grow into each other....and it is only a small patch but I have 23 rose bushes in it, nearly all old fashioned smelly ones and lots of Cranesbill too.
We celebrated by having a BBQ this evening!


Elizabethd said...

How lovely your garden is!

happyone said...

I love your garden. When I think of an English garden that is what I see.

MrsL said...

Your garden is gorgeous, just how it should be - crammed, scented and alive with creatures. Antoehr rose fan here. Thanks for sharing the pictures.



Mary said...

Beautiful! I love gardens like this. I have so much "lawn"...typically American...and would much rather have flower gardens.

Menopausal musing said...

Love your garden. I am very similar in that I adore plants that tumble across each other. I sometimes have to trim back the ones that hang over our path. x