Wednesday, 10 June 2009

It's a grave matter!

A couple of weeks ago whilst walking Wrecks the dog I came around the corner here in the graveyard and saw an adult fox with 4 cubs. The cubs were playing and rolling about and jumping on the smaller gravestones. Wrecks and I stood and watched and they seemed not to have seen us...of course I didn't have my camera with me!
Since then I have been back regularly (with my camera) but only seen the adult fox, he or she seems unconcerned about me being there but no sign of the youngsters. He or she is in the middle of the picture at the back....I know, it's a bit distant!
I am beginning to wonder if people are beginning to think me odd as I am loitering about in the graveyard alot (Nobody who knows me is allowed to comment on whether I am odd or not!!!!!) Still, I shall keep looking every time I go past.


MrsL said...

There's always a lot going on in graveyards, isn't there? More folks should spend time in them and keep their eyes open I think! Like the photo.



happyone said...

I've seen many foxes around where I live but never any babies. How nice that you got to see them!!
I love walking around grave yards looking at the grave stones. I must be odd too. :-)

Menopausal musing said...

Is is alright to say "I dig graveyards too?"..... I do though, I love the lichen on the stones, the eipitaphs, the birdsong (birds just sing and sing because they are relatively undisturbed). I love the solitude..... x