Saturday, 13 June 2009

Working hard at the Nurses Gala

Today we had our Nurses Gala at the Palliative Care unit where I work. We set up some great stalls, jam made by one of the Mac Nurses, cakes to drool over.............
Tombola, I've never seen such a big tombola stall, manned by our amazing volunteers who put in so many hours both on the ward and for the Gala.

Tattyanne doing the BBQ, they tasted wonderful and I think she ran out of Burgers in the end! It was good to see her again, quite like old times. (She has moved on to pastures new during the last year)....but we keep in touch.

In came the people, it doesn't look many but when it was really packed I had to man my bookstall and couldn't take photos.

The sun shone and we did really well, the funds are replenished! Alot of the people who came have lost loved ones in the past with us and it is lovely to catch up with them, lots of hugs, a few tears but mostly fun and laughter.


Elizabethd said...

What a lovely thing to do. When we were in UK I was on our local Macmillan fundraising committee, and we had such fun doing things like that. Hope you made lots of money!

Goosey said...

We did thanks, it was an amazing sucess