Friday, 10 July 2009

Graduation time

Yesterday we had the privilege of going to see my son Will, graduate as 'BEng hon' in Automotive Engineering. He got a 1st which made it even better.
The ceremony was very traditional with all the fancy academic dress and traditional words and speeches. The national anthem of Wales sung in Welsh and the British national anthem in English also sung. The old pipe organ playing and the surroundings of a very old and ornate hall.
Here they are after their group had gathered outside, Will is second from the left..the tallest one, and me his Mother only just scraping 5' 2"!

Here's the old tradition of throwing the mortar boards in the air!

If you like to listen to the Welsh language listen to this, part of one of the speeches. I love to hear it and for my husband it is very special as his Mother was a Welsh speaker from North Wales.


Jennie said...

Say well done to your son from me Goosey. I hope he gets a good job off the back of it. Tam gets her results today and Graduation is a week on Monday, so we're off up to Sheffield for that.

Elizabethd said...

Congratulations! A first! That is excellent.
It must have been a very special occasion.

Teresa said...

Congratulations!!!! Looks like a very impressive ceremony.

happyone said...

Congratulations to your son!!!