Sunday, 9 August 2009

A day trip to's a mad place!

South west trains have been doing a special offer this month, return trip to anywhere in the SW region for £10. Thinking this a bargain the beloved and I duly set off at the crack of dawn (06.28) London bound.
Now I have only been to London a few times in my entire life so I was well out of my comfort zone and didn't let the much beloved out of my sight all day! I even made him stand outside the loos in case I got lost...
We did all the sights, Buckingham Palace...the Queen was in residence as the flag was flying but didn't invite us in for tea!

Big Ben, we waited to hear the 5 O'clock bongs.

Then we walked along the Thames on the Embankment and that's where it got weird! There are loads of street entertainers every few yards doing all sorts of odd stuff. This 'dog' was great.

Lots of people pretending to be statues and then jumping out or touching people as they passed...I gave them a wide berth!

Micheal Jackson!!!!!

Dinosaurs riding bikes

and this young lady doing the most amazing pavement paintings, click on the picture to get the full effect....and why has that man got his hand on that lady's bottom!!!!!

I suppose this guy was playing the blues!

Then we did a little hunting of addresses where my ancestors had lived and I was pleasantly surprised. They lived in quite grand houses. My Grandfather lived in the blue house and his wife to be, lived in the one next to the scaffolding.

My Great Grandmother lived in one of these lovely houses on South Kensington, and married in the Church round the corner.
It was a lovely day but very hot and the underground was unbearably hot. Really good day but nice to be back here today...walking this afternoon in the country and met a man who showed us where he sees Otters, where a Screech Owl hangs out and Kingfishers nest. Later met a farmer whose cow had got stuck in the river, stood and sympathised over the problem with him. That was a nice restful afternoon!


happyone said...

Sounds like a fun day out! I've been to London once back in the 70's.
When I was a kid our doorbell sounded the same as Big Ben. :-)

Elizabethd said...

I used to love London in the 50s when I was a student, but I think I'd be anxious there now. What great photos!

marigold jam said...

I came upon your blog via Gebhart836. By strange coincidence I too did a blog on a day trip to London on Saturday taken courtesy of the £10 train ticket. I live in Somerset and we took the 8.20 train to Waterloo - you were not on that one were you?!!