Friday, 7 August 2009

Moth and Ladybird, first for the year

This little moth I have found is called a Brimstone Moth, it's yellow like the Brimstone Butterfly but not as bright yellow. Strangely I only see these at work when I am on night shift, they are obviously attracted to the lights which are on all night in some rooms. This was on the office wall. I wonder what it lives on as it always seems to be in the building somewhere.
Oddly this is the first ladybird I have seen this year, some years there are loads in the garden but this year I haven't seen any. This is a National Trust ladybird! I found it whilst walking on their land near Kingston Lacy and Badbury Rings.


Elizabethd said...

I wonder if NT ladybirds are any different to others! There has been quite a 'plague' of them in some parts, I read.
I've not seen a Brimstone moth before. This morning we had a Swallowtail butterfly n the garden, so pretty.

happyone said...

We call them ladybugs here in the states. I like ladybirds better and I'm going to start calling them that. :-)
I've always liked them and they are supposed to be very good for gardens.

Bovey Belle said...

I think Norfolk and a farm in Somerset seem to have been Ladybird Holiday Destinations this year! I can remember 1976 - that long hot summer - and I was in Southampton Lido when a storm of Ladybirds arrived, and the little blighters BIT too . . .

Love your little Brimstone moth.