Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Recycling from slate


This is beautiful landscape in North Wales but if you look closer you will see all the discarded waste of the slate mines and the long forgotten homes of the workers. As you walk through this place it is eerily quiet, no birds calling or insects humming. 100 years ago it would have been all noise, men shouting, explosions as they blasted the rock, horses and wheels turning.
Anyway, the day before we had been to Penrhyn Castle and as we looked around the servants hall I saw a wonderful pastry board made of local slate, polished and cold. Pastry is so much better when made on cold stone rather than plastic worktops! I really wanted to buy one to take home but couldn't get one for love nor money, we were offered a sign for Nearly £50 which we could use the reverse of...however while walking through all this waste we found a piece that will do just right...for free! It's not polished or beautiful but today I intend to make pastry on it.

D gamely staggered back to the car with the slate muttering about hernias and tyre pressures on the car!
This is a picture of the Ffestiniog train, I just like the way the steam looks in the evening light.

Friday, 25 September 2009

Inspired by colour and knitting!

This is what happens when you get inspired by someones elses work in a book you happen to pick up in the library.....
You spend a couple of hours trawling round the charity shops hunting through the leftover wool baskets, and come up with this little selection of earthy colours. Even the needles are from the Charity shop, I'm not a knitter really so I don't have alot of stuff about.
Before you know it you are knitting a scarf for the chilly winter to come! Getting carried away with colour and the freedom to put in whatever colour you like (or that you can get hold of!) ......I've been on night shift for the last two nights and my break has been spent clicking needles instead of dozing!

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Can you see what I can see?!?

Can you see an elephant in this rock?
Can you see the profile of a man's face looking to the left? It's supposed to be a historical person but I forget who!

Can you see a dog in the water?...It's a rock covered in seaweed really!
In Wales there seem to be alot of pictures in the rocks and I didn't find all of them!

Kaffe Fassett Studio : Links

If you click on the Kaffe Fasset interview on this link I think you will have a very enjoyable 45 minutes! I did! I saw on it on Jane Weston's http://www.janeweston.blogspot.com/ first.

Kaffe Fassett Studio : Links

Kaffe is so inspiring and always makes me want to explore colours more...in fact I'm feeling so inspired I'm off to the library now to get one of his books out! Bye!!!

Monday, 21 September 2009

A little break in North Wales...and my 100th bird!

We have just had a week away staying in this little white cottage in Penrhyndeudraeth in North Wales. Lovely weather, wonderful cottage... the only fly in the ointment was the very large black spiders that were also resident in the cottage. From the front we could watch the steam trains on the Ffestiniog line go across the level crossing right in front of the house ( in fact I may have been standing on the crossing when I took this picture). We had doors flung open in the day when the sun was shining and in the evening lit a log fire to relax by.
Nearby was Porthmadog and this view from the Cob looking towards the Snowdonia mountains. Lots of walks around here and trying to bird watch too. The Ospreys had just left on their long migration to Africa.
In Porthmadog there is a great old fashioned shop called Kerfoots, it's a store with all sorts of stuff in it. There is an amazing Victorian staircase going up the middle which is unsupported by pillars,, when you see it you wonder why it doesn't collapse. This beautiful stained glass window was made to show the surrounding countryside and to commemorate the millennium and crowns the roof as you look up the stairs.
Very excited because at last I saw my 100th bird...it was a Grey Wagtail on a rock in a Welsh river that we had sat by to pass the time and "chew the fat" as they say.

Saturday, 5 September 2009

Flying things...but not birds this time...

A couple of weeks ago in the next town along the coast from us there was an Air show along the beach. Thousands of people attended and of course it was all free, all you had to do was go and sit on the 7 miles of sandy beach or stand on the cliff top to get a great view. As you can see the skies were blue and the weather perfect. It started in the afternoon with the Parachutists coming in and throughout the day we saw wingwalkers, helicopter stunts, the Eurofighter, The Vulcan, Spitfires, Mustang, Lancaster Bomber and for me the best bit was The red Arrrows.
I never tire of watching these guys do their stuff, they are so amazing and fast.

No they didn't hit each other but the precision flying at high speed is incrediable. the vidoe below shows a couple of their stunts and a good commentary if you have the sound on.

One of my son's has had a summer job on the end of Bournemouth Pier and so for 4 days during the Air show had the most amazing view...probably the best in town and he was paid for it!