Saturday, 5 September 2009

Flying things...but not birds this time...

A couple of weeks ago in the next town along the coast from us there was an Air show along the beach. Thousands of people attended and of course it was all free, all you had to do was go and sit on the 7 miles of sandy beach or stand on the cliff top to get a great view. As you can see the skies were blue and the weather perfect. It started in the afternoon with the Parachutists coming in and throughout the day we saw wingwalkers, helicopter stunts, the Eurofighter, The Vulcan, Spitfires, Mustang, Lancaster Bomber and for me the best bit was The red Arrrows.
I never tire of watching these guys do their stuff, they are so amazing and fast.

No they didn't hit each other but the precision flying at high speed is incrediable. the vidoe below shows a couple of their stunts and a good commentary if you have the sound on.

One of my son's has had a summer job on the end of Bournemouth Pier and so for 4 days during the Air show had the most amazing view...probably the best in town and he was paid for it!


Karen said...

That is truly amazing. I've been to a few air show and have always enjoyed them.

Quicksilvercountry said...

Great photos and video Snowgoosey, shameI missed them but saw the chaps at Goodwood in July, 2 did did a belly roll at 100 feet as they're in low flying airspace - fantastic.