Sunday, 11 October 2009

A field of October!

Last week my better half saw this field of poppies as he went past on his motorbike, so took me off to see it yesterday. It is up on Fontmell Down near Melbury Abbas in north Dorset. It's a very big area and is a huge scarlet splash across the hillside.
They had it on the news this week as of course they shouldn't be flowering in mid October. It seems the farmer ploughed up a field that hadn't been ploughed for years and the latent poppy seeds were given the chance to put on a show. It's a bit like the poppy fields in France in the 1st World War, the ground was suddenly churned up where the trenches were and the poppy's popped up.
Afterwards we went across to the little airfield at Compton Abbas and enjoyed a baguette and a mug of tea and watched the little planes taking off.
If you live near enough do go up and see this field...but be quick, they'll be gone soon! It's a gift when things like this show up, and half an hour sat looking at them is a tonic for the stress filled life!


Elizabethd said...

Isnt that beautiful? Such an odd time to see them flowering, but exquisite.

brightandnew said...

So beautiful, poppies are one of my favorate flowers - how wonderful to see a field full of them in the middle of October.

Karen said...

Wow that is beautiful. It must be really something to see in person.

JuliaB said...

WOW!! that is truly spectacular!! x